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     Dr. Charlton was born in Radford, VA. He attended Christiansburg Institute in Cambria, VA. He graduated from East Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Philosophy and a M.Ed. in Literacy Studies. He also has a Th.D. from Emmaus Bible Institute and Seminary, a Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Counseling from Cornerstone University and a Doctor of Divinity from the Tennessee School of Religion, Memphis, TN.
     He has been happily married to the former Janet Lewis, his childhood sweetheart, for 54 years, who he refers to as "Honey." They have one son Charles Melvin Charlton and two grandsons, Charles Edward Charlton who is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN and Jarred Hayes Charlton, of Johnson City, TN.
     He was the first African-American Board of Education member in Radford, VA and the first African-American Mayor in Southwest, VA., serving as Mayor of Radford, VA.  He is the former pastor of Big Hill Baptist Church in Salem, VA, First Baptist Church in Elliston, VA and First Baptist Church in Blacksburg, VA.
     He has been a preacher for 52 years and a pastor for 49 years. He has been the pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Johnson City, TN for 37 years. In addition, he served a 5-year term on the Johnson City Board of Education; six years on the Johnson City Regional Planning Commission with one year as chairman and two years as Vice-Mayor of Johnson City as part of a four-year term on its City Commission. He was also a member of the inaugural admissions committee for the ETSU Pharmacy School.
     Dr. Charlton has served his denomination as moderator of two associations: The Schaeffer Memorial Baptist Association in VA and the Bethel District Baptist Missionary and Educational Association in TN. In addition, he served as the Director of the Pastor’s Conference of the Baptist Missionary & Educational Association for the State of Tennessee. He has served as lecturer on Black Psychology and Marriage and Family Dynamics with the Southern Baptist Convention in Ridgecrest, NC and Glorietta, NM.

     Presently he is an Associate Professor at Northeast State Technical Community College, Blountville, TN, at which he teaches Reading, Learning Strategies, Comparative Religions, Humanities, Black Studies and Speed Reading. Dr. Charlton has taught at Northeast State Technical Community College for 23 years and has been involved in education for 25 years. In the 2006-2007 academic year, he conducted a seminar entitled, “Reaching, Teaching and Retaining Our Students” for the state and national conferences for Developmental Studies instructors.


 The Virginia Historical Society also recognizes Dr. Charlton as a Virginian who contributed significantly to the history of his state. Consequently, his photograph and biographical information are exhibited in the Virginia Historical Society Museum in Richmond, VA to emphasize his service to the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

     Dr. Charlton is the author of The Agony and the Ecstasy of the Ministry; The Key to My Heart; God Give Us Some Real Men; Love is the Key (an African-American History Presentation); Making the Fundamentals Fun (A study skills handbook); From "Rev" With Love; As The Twig Is Bent; and Thoughts For Quiet Moments. 

     Dr. Charlton says that the most important moment  in his life was when he became a Christian. The second was marrying his beautiful wife, Janet, who has walked with him in both challenge and triumph.  He believes service to God is the greatest privilege that he has been afforded in his life and being a minister of the Gospel is the most important thing that he has been blessed to do throughout his life. 

     He is grateful to God for opportunities to serve; however, his greatest joy is knowing God and serving Him as best he can, while looking with great anticipation to going to Heaven when he leaves this world.

Mrs. Janet Charlton
A lady who will do all that she can to bring success in anything she does.
How do we describe her?
      To Rev. Charlton, her husband, she is “Honey,” whose love he never doubts.
       To Friendship Baptist Church, she is “Mrs. Charlton”,
      “First Lady” and “Janet” because
      she will do whatever is necessary to enhance the progress of the church.       
      To the Head Start program she was a teacher for ten years.
          She graciously served on the Board of Directors of Girls, Inc.
            To the staff and children at The Coalition for Kids, she is Miss Janet.
            To the local Girl Scouts she was honored as a “Woman Who Makes A Difference.”
            To many who love her and work with her closely, she is a loyal friend.
       To God, she is His child who both loves and serves Him with her whole heart.
      However, to all of us she is Mrs. Janet Charlton.